The theme of this set is Auto. The Auto Rickshaw also known as tuk-tuk, auto or rick, is one of the most popular modes of transport across cities in India. Riding an auto rickshaw is a bit like riding a roller coaster except you stay firmly on the ground with no definite track in a metal cabin with no doors, no seat belts and no airbags.


Contains 4 hand designed designer Printed Glasses along with the Stand. Product is painted at multiple layers along with protective coating to make it very robust and ready for daily use. Each Glass Measures approx 90 Ml.


Use : This product can be used for any Hot & Cold Serving. A daily use product.

Base Material : Glass and Coated Wrought Iron Stand

Washing Advice : Avoid scrubber and hard detergents however sponge and mild soap can be used whenever required.


Width : 5.4 cm

Height : 8 cm

Auto Tapri Glasses (set of 4 glasses)

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